27 Pictures That Will Change The Way You Eat Food There’s no going back.

The right way to empty soda into your fridge

How to separate the yolk from the rest of the egg

How to microwave two bowls at the same time

Put a cup of ice in a pitcher of beer to keep it cool

Use a straw to get even butter distribution

Freeze a water bottle on its side to ensure you have cold water the next morning when you fill the rest of it up

Balance a pizza box on a bottle to keep the toppings from getting all over the place
 Portable Tacos

Wrap a wet paper towel around a drink and throw it in the freezer to cool it off quickly

If you’re down to your last bit of something in a jar, just throw some ice cream in there and go out with a bang

How to make Oreo ice coffee

Make filling a taco easy by putting a fork under it like this
If you and another person want to tackle a pint of ice cream, split it the right way

You're Doing It Right Gifs -Talent, Creativity, and Some Dumb Luck

Talent, Creativity. and Some Dumb Luck are taken to the extreme in these gifs.
Pool Shot Bartender
Toothpaste Guitar Prank
Cell Phone Basketball Slam Dunk
Taking The Stairs Slide
Cheerleader Hoop Shot
Cat Prankster
Guide Dog Saves From Car
Smart Dog With Cone Gif
Smart Babie Pillow Gif
Smart Baby Escapes
Girl Poppin A Wheelie
Transforming Transformer Costume
Amazing Karate Gif
Stadium Basketball Shot